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Misra is largely run out of three locales:

  1. Dayton, OH
  2. The Denver, CO + Cheyenne, WY area
  3. Washington D.C.

Please note: Physical demos are not accepted. Please read demo policy below and send only bling, hate mail, care packages, Handi Snacks™, lotto tickets, canned whole chicken, pimento loaves, etc.

General Inquiries
Demo Policy Below
info [at]

Thanks for thinking of Misra.
Please read demo policy under FAQ before sending.

Misra Records
press [at]

Misra Records
radio [at]

Lori Miller/Redeye
millerl [at]

Sub Pop Licensing
laceys [at]

John Hazelwood
hazelwood [at]

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Can I intern with Misra?

We are always looking for passionate, dedicated interns. Please know the position would be unpaid, however, if you are in college, credit is available. You need not necessarily live nearby in order to intern. Please email info [at] if you are interested. Thanks so much!

Does Misra accept demos?

Demo Submission Policy:

Thanks so much for thinking of Misra. It means a lot to all of us. Please send *links* to mp3s or streams to info [at] Please do not send demos to any other email address, as they will not be considered.

Misra wishes to take an environmentally-friendly approach to demo submissions and does not accept physical media. We will listen. Nonetheless, due to the time and resources it requires, we cannot respond to every submission.

Please include your contact information. We will contact you if we are interested in what you have sent.

To note: it may very well be that we truly enjoy your music, however, due to workload and/or projected release schedule, we simply cannot take on any more artists. In a situation as such, taking on more would be at the expense of others and, well, that’s no good.

Can I use an MP3 on my podcast/blog?

Any MP3s that we offer as promotional downloads on our site are pre-cleared for podcasting and blogs. Nonetheless, we’d love to know that you’re using them. Let us know at press [at]

I need a hi-res photo/album art for publication. Can you send me one?

Hi-res photos are on each artist’s page. Contact press [at] if you need further help.

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