Water Liars

Justin Kinkel-Schuster
Andrew Bryant

Where From:
St. Louis, MO
Oxford, MS

Year Formed:


Misra originally released Water Liars’ debut album Phantom Limb. Entirely unplanned and recorded on a whim (with one microphone) the then unnamed rock band – consisting of St. Louis, MO songwriter, vocalist, guitarist Justin Kinkel-Schuster and Oxford, MS drummer, producer, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bryant – casually convened to play and record. The pair originally named themselves Phantom Limb, however, another act was found to be using that moniker. Water Liars was born.

Paste, PopMatters, Daytrotter, KEXP, and all hailed Justin Kinkel-Schuster during his tenure fronting independent rock act Theodore. Misra initially planned to work with Theodore and, assuming the Phantom Limb songs were mere outtakes under a different name, the Water Liars demos initially got pushed to the back burner.

Kinkel-Schuster pleasantly persisted, however, insisting the project was vastly different and Misra must hear it. The label took to the recordings and released Phantom Limb. Since then, the group has signed on with the wonderful folks at Big Legal Mess Records – based in their home state of Mississippi. BLM released Wyoming (2013) and will reissue Phantom Limb.