The Mendoza Line

Timothy Bracy
Shannon McArdle
John Troutman
Paul Deppler
Sean Fogarty
Phillip McArdle
Peter Hoffman
Lori Carrier
Margaret Maurice
Ray Ketcham
Andres Galdanes
Lori Carrier

Where From:
Brooklyn, New York
Athens, Georgia

Year Formed:

The Mendoza Line’s unorthodox independent-folk-rock sound affected many folks over the band’s long career. Entertainment Weekly went down saying their 2005 Misra release Full of Light and Full of Fire contained “the prettiest protest songs imaginable”. Along with Light/Fire, Misra released the band’s wonderful Sent Down to AA and Lost in Revelry.


Catch a Collapsing Star from Full of Light and Full of Fire


A Damn Good Disguise from Lost in Revelry


Sasha Goes Too Far/It Could Be The Nights from We’re All in this Alone


Misra discography

Full of Light and Full of Fire (2005)
Sent Down to AA (2005)
Lost in Revelry (2001)
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