jenny toomey

Jenny Toomey

Where From:
Washington, D.C.

Year Formed:
Jenny Toomey

Jenny Toomey has been a leading light of independent music for years now. She was a member of Geek, Tsunami, Liquorice, Grenadine, So Low, Choke and founded the D.C. label Simple Machines. Along with Dischord and TeenBeat, Simple Machines helped document the D.C. punk and indie rock scenes. Toomey is also a central player in arts activism as current Program Director for Media and Cultural Policy in the Media, Arts, and Culture Unit at the Ford Foundation and former executive director at the Future of Music Coalition. Her solo Misra releases – Tempting and Antidote – saw huge critical acclaim. They are amazing.



Patsy Cline from Antidote


Your Inarticulate Boyfriend from Tempting


Misra discography

Tempting (2002)
Antidote (2001)
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